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Strawberry Berlimer Weisse
Our second sour ale (Compassionate Dragon was our first), Strawberry Berlimer has a clean, refreshing lactic tartness. While marginally stronger than traditional Berliner Weisse, it would qualify as a low alcohol beer by American standards. A grain bill of German barley and wheat malts evoke the aroma and flavor of fresh sourdough bread. The handmade zest of two cases of limes was added to the brew kettle, and one of our most generous additions of fruit puree at the end of fermentation slathers that sourdough with jam. Strawberry Berlimer is a sweet and sour quencher that justifies taking off your face mask.

Stay In Your Hut Nut Brown IPA
During the COVID-19 shutdown, the skeleton crew keeping Barley's open for carryout beer and food came together to make a beer specifically for these trying times. We layered a nutty toasted malt backbone with the intense tropical fruit aroma of Azacca hops, and the grassy, floral, apricot aroma of Palisade hops. A generous, yet subtle addition of raw local honey increases the complexity of this beer's aroma. Please enjoy it (but keep your distance) by the pint at Barley's or take a growler with you to enjoy in the safety and comfort of your own hut.


Experimental Milkshake IPA #1 Featuring Mango and Passion Fruit
Our offering has a fluffy and creamy mouthfeel from generous additions of Ohio's Haus Malts Malted Wheat and Malted Oats, and lots of lactose from Wisconson, America's Dairyland. This beer has plenty of tropical fruit aroma from late addition hops, and negligible bitterness. We compliment a heavy handed dose of fruit and/or botanicals with evident but subtle vanilla.
Compassionate Dragon
In 2012, we first made a beer specifically for Origins Game Fair. We decided to go in a new direction for Origins this year. Ian, Barley's Wholesale Accounts Manager suggested a Fruited Gose. Jason, Barley's General Manager suggested dragon fruit as a fruit that would appeal to gamers. After acquiring a sample of dragon fruit, we thought that this beer could benefit from more complexity.
Michael Salsbury's Dark Abbey
Michael Salsbury's Dark Abbey is the winner of our 23rd Annual Homebrew Competition. This is Barley's third version of Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Delicate dried dark fruit aromas dominate, with rich caramel flavor and soft, but evident alcohol. Spicy notes are extremely subdued and perceived mostly as black pepper.


Barley's SMaSH 2K Pale Ale
Our 2,000th batch of beer is a showcase for the ingredients that have served us well for the last quarter of a century. The Single Malt is the biscuity British Pale Ale Malt that we've been using since the very first beer we served here.
Barley's Parzival Pale Ale
Brewed to celebrate the release of the film "Ready Player One", Parzival Pale Ale honors the setting of Columbus, Ohio by utilizing Ohio Pale Ale and Caramel Malt from Haus Malts, and Columbus.
Barley's Brutopia IPA
Head brewer Singer's first recipe brewed at Barley's. The brewing industry is constantly evolving; brewing Brutopia IPA is Barley's answer to the calling. Mango, citrus, pine, tropical fruit can all be found within ones glass either through aroma or taste.
Blueberry Bike IPA
We cut back on the bitterness slightly, and added ten pounds of blueberry puree for every barrel. The result is still more IPA than fruit beer. The hint of blueberries in the flavor and aroma add a refreshing complexity to the citrus notes from the Columbus hops.
Uncle Stewart Super Saison
This Super Saison pays tribute to the indispensable Master HVAC Guru who has helped Barley's through thick and thin. Mechanical breakdowns are inevitable in a 25 year old brewery and adapting to trying circumstance is the norm. The brewery recently went through a painful two week period without the ability to chill our fermentation vessels, so we let our Belgian yeast strain go to work in a fairly high gravity wort with no temperature control. It's a boozy but accessible Belgian ale that melds fruity and complex spicy aromas with a smooth, well rounded texture.
2001: A Haze Odyssey
While Batch #2000 pays tribute to the solid foundation that British Malt and Centennial Hops contributed to Barley's history, Batch 2001 is firmly planted in the present. The beer style "Juicy or Hazy IPA" was recognized by the Brewers Association this Spring and batch #2001 marks our humble first attempt at the style. This is our second beer brewed entirely with super crisp Ohio Malt from Haus Malts in Cleveland.
Foolish Mortal - A.J. Zanyk's Baltic Porter
A.J. Zanyk is a veteran homebrewer who has brewed his share of award winning beers. His vast experience is our gain. He said about his recipe "This is the result of about 10 batches of refinement. Each grain or pairing of grains was to achieve just the right flavor, foam level or mouthfeel." The result is a creamy beer with notes of deep chocolate and dark fruit, and a very subtle hint of smoke.


Barley's Fate - 25th Anniversary Ale
The 12% cap on ABV was eliminated at the end of August 2016, so we started scheming. Our small brewery doesn't have the capacity to age a batch for the length of time it would take to give this strong beer the respect it deserves. As Fate would have it, we found that we had an opportunity to move this beer from barrels to kegs on Barley's 25th anniversary. This boozy beast of a beer is a year old, and drinks like port wine. Fate is beckoning.
Barley's Walkabout Australian ESB 2.24 We first brewed J.Scott Francis ESB in the summer of 1996. It was our first cask conditioned ale, and a surprise tribute to Barley's original Brewmaster. This ESB is slightly stronger and more full bodied.
Barley's Conqueror Imperial Oatmeal Stout Our Imperial Oatmeal Stout's destiny awaits. Conqueror is silky, smooth and velvety in texture, with a subtle roasty warmth.
Barley's Tour de Hops Experimental IPA 1.20 Our Experimental Double IPA will feature different hops in each iteration. It's a warming companion to Blurry Bike, our core IPA. Experimenting with hops helps keep the brewer's job interesting, we hope to keep our customer's curious palate interested,too. Varying combinations of citrus, pine, tropical fruit and spicy hop flavors are almost balanced by rich British malt, american oats and a not so sneaky sensation of peppery alcohol. Enjoy the Tour, but don't drink and ride.


Barley's Scotchy Scottish 11.12 The butterscotch/caramel flavors of the Scottish are very nicely complimented by the peat smoke flavors of the Scotch whisky, and vanilla from the barrel. It's a complex beer, but isn't so challenging as to be difficult to drink. The silky mouthfeel actually makes it exceptionally easy to drink.
Seth Draeger's Moscow Midnight 4.28 The Russian Imperial Stout that won our 20th Annual Homebrew Competition was a Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged beast. Seth Draeger patterned this monstrous beer after New Holland Brewing's Dragon's Milk Stout.


Barley's Citrajectory Saison 6.22 We decided it was time This single hop, multi grain Farmhouse Ale is designed for summer drinking. Soft grain presence and a subdued hop bitterness are the background to juicy citrus fruit/hop flavor and a peppery spice from Belgian yeast. Citrajectory is equally well suited for the field, the pool, or the table.
Barley's Woodsman American Pale Ale 4.10 An American Pale Ale using Summit and Cascade hops, both native to the Northwest and named after the Cascade mountain range that runs through the beautiful state of Washington.
Barley's Ulysses Imperial Red Ale 3.15 We decided it was time to give our Irish Ale a reboot, resulting in this Big Red called Ulysses. It’s fruity, toasty, with a hint of butterscotch and an abundance of warming alcohol that might be just what the doctor ordered when it seems like winter will never end.


Barley's F.H.A. IPA 11.21 A brew using only the Freshest Hops Available (F.H.A.).


Barley's Hoptoberfest 08.01 A hopped traditional Oktoberfest
Séance Belgian Session IPA 06.29 This medium-bodied Belgian session IPA was conjured up from the idea to create a bold yet highly drinkable beer.
White Dragon Saison 06.19 Winner of the 2012 Homebrewers Competition. Richard Sheppard's White Dragon Saison is brewed with organic jasmine flowers.
Barley's Chupacabra 04.20 An Imperial Brown Ale aged on Madagascar vanilla beans and Cacao nibs, created in partnership with local chocolatier, Dan Hankle of Finca Chocolate.


Barley's Beyond 08.29 a hybrid of Infinity and Blurry Bike IPA, this one is dedicated to the memory of astronaut Neil Armstong. It's a bit blurry beyond infiinity.
Le Goodale (Pond) Monstre 06.15 a Belgian Abbey Dubbel brewed to commemorate the mystery of escaping water at Goodale Pond
Hoptic Nerve EyePA previewed 05.27 at Studio 35 beer tasting; tapped 06.03 at 17th annual Afternoon With the Brewers. Loosely based on Pliny the Elder, this imperial IPA is without a doubt the bitterest beer EVER brewed in Columbus thanks to Matt Mazur's and Shane Green's winning recipe
Barley's Point of Origin 05.19 a Belgian Golden Ale brewwed with the gamer in all of us in mind. When you time travel, you have to start somewhere...
Barley's Bicentennial IIPA 04.20 tapped on the same day that Frankie Heyduk paid us a visit on the day of the announcement that he's been tapped for the front office with the Columbus Crew


Barley's Behjun Noel 11.17 tapped at our 19th annual Anniversary Party by guest tapper Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. (She also brought along a limited edition Barley's Christmas Ale ice cream, featuring cranberries, candied chestnuts, honey, fresh orange juice, crumbled sponge cake and holiday spices.)
Barley's Infinity Grand Cru 07.09 Our third Belgian is a dark strong ale, named to coincide with the nuptuals of our general manager, Jason Fabian and his lovely bride Gretchen
Wit's End* 06.12 This Belgian wit bier was the 2010 Homebrewers Contest winner. Brewed by Andy Schultz and tapped at Afternoon With the Brewers. Andy travelled from Boston to brew it, making


Barley's Abbey Normal 10.15 This is our first foray into Belgian-style ales. It's a dark strong ale, brewed Belgian candi sugar and fermented with Belgian yeast. Great to ward off the ghosts and ghoulies in your life.
Blood Thirst Wheat 06.13 The winner of our 14th annual Homebrew Competition, this is a German style hefeweizen with brewed with Siciallian blood orange zest and blood orange puree added during and after fermentation. Congratulations to Lloyd Cicetti for coming up with this unusually delightful ale.
Barley's Mild Child* 04.21 On the eve of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we tap our second ever organic beer. Guest tapper was Mark Dimoff, Executive Director of the Ohio Environmental Council. Live entertainment support was by Miss Molly and Friends.


Blurry Bike IPA10.10 If we can count correctly, this is the tenth different IPA we've brewed. A crisp, bitter session IPA. 5.8%ABV
Black Bike Bier 06.14 A German-style shwarzbier, it's a crisper take on British-style souts and porters. This brew was the creation of Matt Boehm, winner of the 2008 Homeberwer's Competition, and tapped at Barley's 14th annual Afternoon with the Brewers. Mixed half and half with champagne, it's called "The Bismark," a favorite drink of Otto Von Bismark.
Twisted Ivan Double Porter 03.06 A turbocharged version of Barley's Ivan Porter, this one is deep and complex. Not to mention we think it's the strongest imperial porter made in the world. It's certainly the strongest dark beer we've ever brewed, weighing in at 11.0% ABV.


E=IPA(squared)* 06.22 The winner of our 2007 Hombrewer's Competition by Victor Gonzalez--an imperial IPA loaded with hops. A formula that would leave Einstein himself scratching his head
Barley's Frambwha?! 06.02 America's first fruited wheatwine includes almost over thirteen pounds of fresh Oregon raspberries in every barrel. Sweet, but not for the faint of heart...unlike any beer you've ever had


Hop Envy IPA 12.07 Our answer in the face of the Great Hop Shortage of 2007--an Imperial IPA
Barley's Mother Earth Fifteenth Anniversary Ale 11.15 Our first totally organic beer. A strong ale to show off what we've learned in fifteen years!
Barley's Smirking Emperor Imperial Pilsner preview firkin 10.12 We may have gone over the top with this one...
Meister Eckhart Spark of the Divine Barleywine* 06.21 Barley's 2006 Homebrew Competition winner, Joe Eckhart


Barley's fourteenth anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Andyman, CD101 FM 11.16
Heavy Horses Strong Olde Ale* 06.1 Barley's 2005 Homebrew Competition winner, Jeff Hornberger


Jay's Ain't Just Blowin' Smoke Porter* 06.21 Barley's 2004 Homebrew Competition winner, Jay Wince
Barley's Four Seas Imperial IPA 05.20
Barley's Rye IPA04.14


Barley's Weizenbock 09.06 A double strength, malty wheat ale that puts you in the autumnal frame of mind
Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout* 06.21 Barley's 2003 Homebrew Competition winner, Jay Wince


Matt's APA* 06.21 Barley's 2002 Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Matt Paulson


Barley's BarleyWine! (11% ABV) 10.11 Barley's first offering since repeal of-strong --ale prohibition in the State of Ohio!
Devil's Moon Weisenbock* 06.21 Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Mark Irwin


Bambino Signorino Stout 11.09
Full Moon Ale* 06.05 fifth Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Mark Irwin and Mark Katona (tie)
Stoutasaurus Rex 06.26 Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Bill Hughes & Chris Ticknor (tie)


Pipebuster Brown 10.2
Primordial IPA* 06.09 fourth Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Bill Hughes & Chris Ticknor


Barley's seventh anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Maxx Faulkner, WCBE 90.5 FM 11.18
Norma Iguana Pilsner* 06.09 third Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Matt and Sue


Barley's sixth anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Maxx Faulkner, WCBE 90.5 FM 11.19
Jimmy's Amber Haze* 06.09 second Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Jim Hayes
GlenLenny's Scotch Ale First brewed in 1998, our historic Scotch Ale is a full bodied beer if there ever was one.


Barley's fifth anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Maxx Faulkner, WCBE 90.5 FM 11.20
09.04 first firkin served in Columbus, Ohio, and possibly Ohio in the modern craft brewing era: Centennial India Pale Ale
Queen Ann Stout* 06.17
Al's American Pale Ale* 06.09
first Barley's Homebrew Competition winner, brewed by Al Fosha, travelling from Chicago to brew it


Barley's fourth anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Coach Earl Bruce 11.21
J Scott Francis ESB 09.18 the beer engine makes its debut...first cask conditioned ale in Columbus 09.18
Barley's Auld Curiosity Ale 06.24
Bee's Wing Honey Wheat Ale 06.12


Barley's third anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Mayor Greg Lashutka 11.16
Barley's Brown Lion Ale 07.11
Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout 01.07


Barley's second anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Mayor Greg Lashutka 11.17
Angelo's Crooked Sky Rye 10.02
Centennial IPA 08.24
Barley's Raspberry Wheat 02.15


Ol' Ron's Surly Oatmeal Stout 12.27
Barley's Christmas Ale 11.19
Barley's first anniversary party with guest Christmas Ale tapper Mayor Greg Lashutka 11.18
Barley's Scottish Ale 10.24
Barley's Wheat Ale 07.01
Barley's Irish Rogue 03.12
Ivan Porter 01.05


Hell Mary 11.27 With Brewdood working the bar, two lovely coeds invent the Hell Mary, Barley's versioon of the Bloody, using Gates of Hell sauce, itself formulated just three weeks earlier, prior to opening
Barley's Pilsner 11.22
Barley's Pale Ale 11.20
Barley's Brewing Company Ale House No. 1 opens 11.20


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