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Twisted Ivan Double Porter

Style Guidelines: Our strongest dark beer yet, Tisted Ivan is deep and complex. We put in more of everything that makes our Ivan Porter chocolatey, caramelly and chewy. Yes, we are talking about beer.

Rotation Schedule: Brewed in colder weather, in rotation with our other dark beers.

Food Pairings: Sily textured soups (think potato leek); fried oysters; rich fatty meats like short ribs, lamb or our Kobe Burger; heavy desserts; dark chocolate, the darker the better.

Body: Double Full
Color: Dark Brown
Grain: British pale, crystal and chocolate malts; American amber malt extract
Bittering Hops: American Cascade Millenium
Finishing Hops: American Cascade and Millenium
Original Gravity: 1.100
Estimated IBUs: 42.6
Alcohol By Volume: 11%
First Tapped: March 2009


About the Ale: The earliest mention of a Porter was in a letter of 1726, from a Frenchman or was he Belgian?) to his family.

An early trade journal, "The London And Country Brewer," points out that "Porter is not mentioned in the 1735 edition, but is said to appear in 1739, and there are several mentions in 1750."

Most accounts of British brewing in the 1700s say that Porter was a ready-made blend of three different styles: ale, beer and two-penny. Because it combined all, it was referred to as "Entire."

This very dark beer happened to be hitting its stride just as a national transport network came into existence. That is why Porter became the first nationwide style of beer anywhere in the world. Britain's Industrial Revolution preceded those of other parts of Europe and North America.

The darkness of Porter as a style would have covered up cloudiness and the roasty, bitter, tastes masked flavour defects - both important factors as beer was shipped farther from the brewery.

Today, porters aren't as prevalent as they were a century ago. The craft brewing industry keeps the style alive--and more.

Today, we even have imperial, or double porters, thanks to American microbrewers. Among hundreds brewed in the past decade, some are Gonzo Imperial Porter, from Flying Dog Brewery, weighing in at 7.8% ABV; Dogfish Head Craft Brewers with Imperial Espresso Porter, 8.0% ABV; Sierra Nevada brewing Imperial Smoked Porter, 7.5% ABV; and Left Hand Brewing with Smoke Jumper Smoked Imperial Porter, 9.2% ABV.

Enter Barley's with Twisted Ivan Double Porter, clocking in at 11.0% ABV. Looks like the strongest double porter in America--for now.

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