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Strawberry Berlimer Weisse

Food Pairings: The lactic sourness of Mildred's Sauerkraut balls or Chef Joe's Grilled house-made corned beef Reuben are delightful matches. Strawberry Berlimer would wash down beer battered fish and chips or pierogi and sausage so well that you'd be likely to forget about a dystopian pandemic.

Body: Light
Color: Coral
Yeast: Barley's House Yeast (we've been taking this yeast from tank to tank for well over a quarter century, AND WE'RE NOT LETTING A DANG VIRUS TAKE IT OUT)
Grain: German Barley and Wheat Malts
Fruit: Fresh Lime Zest and Strawberry Puree
Hops: PBavarian Hallertau Mittlefruh
Original Gravity: 1.040
Estimated IBUs: 8.3
Alcohol By Volume: 4.2%
First Tapped: August 11, 2020


About the Ale: Our second sour ale (Compassionate Dragon was our first), Strawberry Berlimer has a clean, refreshing lactic tartness. While marginally stronger than traditional Berliner Weisse, it would qualify as a low alcohol beer by American standards. A grain bill of German barley and wheat malts evoke the aroma and flavor of fresh sourdough bread. The handmade zest of two cases of limes was added to the brew kettle, and one of our most generous additions of fruit puree at the end of fermentation slathers that sourdough with jam. Strawberry Berlimer is a sweet and sour quencher that justifies taking off your face mask.

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