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Le Goodale (Pond) Monstre

Style Guidelines: Belgian Abbey Dubbel

Rotation Schedule: None thus far.

Food Pairings: The rich, complex, malty, sweet notes with whiffs of chocolate, caramel and toffee pair nicely with smoked foods; cheeses; richer foods; bacon; sausages; any dessert. Take home a growler and try with carryout sushi!

Body: Medium-Full
Color: Dark Amber
Grain: British pale and Dark Crystals malts
Bittering Hops: American Cascade
Finishing Hops: American Cascade
Adjuncts: amber candi syrup
Original Gravity: 1.068
Estimated IBUs: 42.09
Alcohol By Volume: 7.0%
First Tapped: June 15, 2012


About the Ale: Although Belgian Dubbel originated at monasteries in the Middle Ages, we have the Trappist Abbey of Westmalle to thank for providing it to the masses.

1856 was the year it was in its infant stage, when the abbey had been brewing a sweeter, lower alcohol Witbier that served the purpose as a table beer for the monks since 1836. Dubbel was designed as a stronger version of a brown ale, with the first official sale of the beer taking place in 1861, and in 1926 it was "reformulated" again to be even more potent.

Like many other Belgian styles, the beer's popularity ramped up post World War II, and was given the name "Dubbel" by many breweries for commercial purposes. Westmalle being the innovator, the beer was copied by numerous other breweries in the region, gaining more and more popularity as the years went by. Today, there are multiple fantastic examples, including Barley's Le Goodale Pond Monstre.

The name serves to document the ongoing frustration with keeping water in Goodale Pond. We surmise it's a monster, er, monstre below the surface, hence the name.

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