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Style Guidelines: Our first dark beer was named after our brewmaster's son. A generous dose of British crystal malt gives this beer a caramel chewiness that is quite satisfying.

Rotation Schedule: About every fifth batch of dark beer brewed downtown

Food Pairings: Think hearty foods -- meat dishes with gravy, barbecue, shepherd's pie, stew. Oysters are also ideal. It will stand up to stronger cheeses such as sharp cheddar and blue.

Body: Medium
Color: Deep Ruby Brown
Grain: British pale, Crystal and Chocolate
Bittering Hops: American Cascade
Finishing Hops: American Cascade and Tasmanian Pride of Ringwood
Original Gravity: 1.060
Estimated IBUs: 14
Alcohol By Volume: 6.0%
First Tapped: January 1993


About the Ale: Whether a beer is a porter or a stout is usually decided based on strength. Stouts are generally stronger in alcohol and with fuller body. Of course, there are always exceptions. Did you realize, for instance, that Guinness Draught (126 cal, 12 oz) has fewer calories, once for ounce, than Budweiser (145 cal)?

Another characteristic is that porters usually used "chocolate malt," while stouts employ "black patent malt." The former makes the pint taste, well, chocolate-like, while the latter imparts bitter roasted qualities.

Legend has it that this style was first developed as a happy accident.

Porter became the fad of the day in the 1700's around jolly old England. It initially gained popularity among the transport workers in Central London, those brawny common folks who would endure hard labor with no more than a few pints of porter and a few pounds of bread per day.

So, it turns out this ale style was named after those who drank it most -- porters. Fitting, but don't expect someone to name a style Engineer or Accountant, OK?

We named this one after our brewmaster's second son, whose middle name is Porter. Or was it the other way around?

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