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Cerveza de Mercado

Food Pairings: Obviously nachos, tacos, quesadillas and burritos would pair nicely. Cerveza de Mercado excels at washing down delicate sushi, yet stands up to bold smoky barbecue. Wonderful with tart cherry pie

Body: Light
Color: Golden Blonde
Yeast: Barley's House Yeast
Grain: British Lager Malt
Adjunct: Fresh Lime Zest and Sea Salt
Hops: American Columbus and German Huell Melon
Original Gravity: 1.048
Estimated IBUs: 15
Alcohol By Volume: 4.8%
First Tapped: June 18, 2021


About the Ale:The proprietors of Market Bar, Wayne and Pete, are old friends of Barley's. They've been selling a fair amount of our beer since they opened and were interested in having us brew a beer specifically for them. We conspired (over beers) with Ian, Barley's wholesale manager. Market Bar sells a lot of margaritas, and we decided that a margarita inspired Mexican style beer would be a good fit. Wayne and Pete spent a day in the brewery collaborating, and we brewed a blonde beer at a refreshing 4.8% abv. The subtle hop aromas of Honeydew Melon, Orange, Strawberry and Tropical Fruit are from German Huell Melon. We added the zest from a 40 lb. case of limes (thanks for all the knife work Wayne!) and a judicious amount of sea salt. We're calling it Cerveza de Mercado, and this thirst quencher is only available at Barley's and Market Bar

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