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Blueberry Bike IPA

Style Guidelines: This is the second in our "Bike Series." (Black Bike Bier was the first.) Blurry Bike IPA may be the most refreshing IPA we brew. While we NEVER endorse drinking and pedaling, this beer won't slow you down. Much. Warning: DO NOT PUT BLURRY BIKE IN YOUR WATER BOTTLE! However, a growler does fit conveniently in most messenger bags. This IPA is brewed exclusively with Columbus hops for a citrus note that resonates clean and crisp. Go for a ride!

Rotation Schedule: rotated with our other IPAs as we see fit

Food Pairings: Chef Joe's Choice Cheese Board (especially when a triple cream is on it), Bleu Cheese Kettle Chips, Roasted Apple Salad, Barley's Unconventional Wings with Chipotle, Pork Shank with Prosciutto Polenta and Red Pepper Relish, Lemon Berry Cream Cake

Body: Medium
Color: A copper colored beer combined with blueberries results in orange with a hint of pink in the foam.
Grain: British Lager and American Victory
Kettle Hops: Columbus with a little Chinook
Dry Hops: Columbus, Centennial and Simcoe
Adjunct: Blueberry Puree
Original Gravity: 1.058
Estimated IBUs: 47.05
Alcohol By Volume: 6.3%
First Tapped: August 8, 2018


About the Ale: We've brewed almost 50 batches of Blurry Bike IPA since 2009, which is well over 100,000 pints. Drinking beer doesn't exactly improve one's vision, so it's understandable that people could have a hard time reading the name. On occasion our guests would glance at the tap handle and order a Blueberry Bike IPA. We realized that there must be a demand for such a concoction, so we brewed it. We cut back on the bitterness slightly, and added ten pounds of blueberry puree for every barrel. The result is still more IPA than fruit beer. The hint of blueberries in the flavor and aroma add a refreshing complexity to the citrus notes from the Columbus hops.

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