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Barley's Smirking Emperor Imperial Pilsner

Style Guidelines: A beer that lets lager yeast give India Pale Ale a run for its money. Lots and lots of Czech Saaz hops in the kettle and during conditioning give this beer a hop signature that can't be misread.

Rotation Schedule: We brewed this beer for the first time in the autumn of 2007. It's too early to tell what the rotation, if any will be.

Food Pairings: Flavorful cured or smoked sausage, braised cabbage, French onion soup, ironically enough.

Body: Medium Full
Color: Straw
Grain: British pale and lager
Bittering Hops: Czech Saaz and German Northern Brewer
Dry Hops: Czech Saaz
Original Gravity: 1.070
Estimated IBUs: 65
Alcohol By Volume: 7.5%
First Tapped: Firkin preview October 12, 2007


About the Ale: The first really high alcohol lager we can remember trying was EKU 28, back in the 80s. A full 14% alcohol was achieved by freezing the beer, and removing the ice.

That was way before ice beers. They are now gone, and EKU 28 survives.

That's justice. Keeping it real. What goes around, comes around.

Two decades later, Barley's brews an Imperial Pilsner. Imperial, indeed. A bracing beer for sobering times.

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