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Barley's Raspberry Wheat

Style Guidelines: A little stronger than our regular wheat ale, we add pure raspberries during fermentation to make an ale that is refreshingly fruity, yet not too sweet.

Rotation Schedule: Usually in spring--when we brew it in the colder months (late fall), we call it Barley's Raspberry Winter Ale.

Food Pairings: Our famous ale-washed onion strings; turkey nut burger, calamari or white truffle mac 'n cheese

Body: Medium
Color: Hazy golden rose
Grain: British lager and pale malts
Bittering Hops: German Hallertau
Finishing Hops: German Hallertau
Original Gravity: 1.052
Estimated IBUs: 2.75 (really!)
Alcohol By Volume: 5.2%
First Tapped: February 1994


About the Ale: Oatmeal stout is a stout with a proportion of oats added during the brewing process. During the medieval period in Europe, oats were a common ingredient in ale. However, despite some areas of Europe, such as Norway, still clinging to the use of oats in brewing until the early part of the 20th century, the practice had largely died out by the sixteenth century.

There was a revival of interest in using oats during the end of the nineteenth century, when restorative and nourishing beers, such as the later Milk stout, were popular, because of the association of porridge with health.

By the early 20th century these beers had all but disappeared. When Michael Jackson mentioned the defunct Eldrige Pope Oat Malt Stout in his 1977 book The World Guide to Beer, Oatmeal stout was no longer being made anywhere, but Charles Finkel, founder of Merchant du Vin, was curious enough to commission Samuel Smith to produce a version. Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout became the template for other breweries' versions.

Oatmeal stouts usually do not specifically taste of oats. The smoothness of oatmeal stouts comes from the high content of proteins, lipids (includes fats and waxes), and gums imparted by the use of oats. The gums increase the viscosity and body adding to the sense of smoothness.

Named after a surly friend of our brewery, be sure to toast this resurected style next time you quaff it.

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