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Barley's Point of Origin

Style Guidelines: Belgian Golden Ale that is hard to beat as a thirst quencher.

Rotation Schedule: Brewed once a year around the time of the Origins Game Fair.

Food Pairings: Barley's bucket of mussels with fries and spicy mayo on the side; turkey nut burger with Swiss. The clean flavors of hops and malt lend themselves to something spicy, like grilled wings with Gates of Hell sauce or nachos with extra jalapenos.

Body: Medium-Full
Color: Gold
Grain: Belgian Abbey
Bittering Hops: Czech Saaz, Norhern Brewer
Finishing Hops: Czech Saaz
Adjuncts: Belgian blonde candi sugar
Original Gravity: 1.079
Estimated IBUs: 30.79
Alcohol By Volume: 7.6%
First Tapped: May 19, 2012


About the Ale: We've been wanting to do another Belgian ale for some time now. Our target was a sessionable Belgian golden ale.

Coincidentally, we were approached by one of the many conventions that grace our presence across the street.

Origins Game Fair comes into town once a year; Origins is a regional convention regarding all things board games. They asked if we'd be interested in sponsoring their convention.

After some thought, we agreed and decided that brewing a beer inspired by the fantasy of board games such as Dungeons & Dragons would allow us to get all mystical.

After some thought, we decided that all games (literal and figurative) have to start somewhere. Additionally, Point of Origin is a Dungeon and Dragons reference to the location in space where a spell or magical effect begins.

Hence the name: Point of Origin. It's also sorta the name of the convention. Cool. Twofer.

Since gold is part of many board games, a golden ale fit perfectly--a reason to brew the Belgian Golden, not that we need a reason.

There is a character in D&D named Raisitlin Majere, the Master of Past and Present. We decided to include the hourglass in our graphics, substituting Golden Ale for sand.

And that's how we come up with a new beer. Cheers!

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