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Barley's Mother Earth Fifteenth Anniversary Ale

Style Guidelines: An organic strong ale to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary. Strong and malty with enough hops to let you evaluate the ability of hop farmers to do put their best foot forward without pesticides or herbicides. We use malt and hops from around our globe. New Zealand Hallertau hops give this beer a floral, citrusy character similar to American Cascade.

Rotation Schedule: First tapping at Barley's Fifteenth Anniversary celebration on November 15, 2007.

Food Pairings: A juicy, hormone-free porterhouse steak, a peaty Islay single malt; strong hard artisan cheese.

Body: Medium Full
Color: Straw
Grain: British pale and lager
Bittering Hops: Czech Saaz and German Northern Brewer
Dry Hops: Czech Saaz
Original Gravity: 1.070
Estimated IBUs: 65
Alcohol By Volume: 7.5%
First Tapped: Firkin preview October 12, 2007


About the Ale:

As progressive a culture as we have, we take many short cuts to that progress.

Agribusiness has grown huge by taking many of its own shortcuts. While profitability is not a dirty word, we no longer really know what we're eating,, in the name of progress.

For our fifteenth anniversary, we thought about the history of beer and brewing, and what we've accomplished in bringing back styles of beer that were almost extinct.

We pay homage to the great brewing traditions by recognizing that some on our planet still do honest work.

We sourced organic ingredients from around our planet. The result is our Fifteenth Anniversary Ale.

We call it, simply,
Mother Earth.


Mother Earth

No matter the journey
You are always home
On Mother Earth.

For all her majesty
She asks for so little
In return.

In your travels
Respect her landscape,
Conserve her resourses,
Return to her that
Wwhich you borrowed.

If we travel our journey
In this way
We'll gift our children
The same beauty
We were gifted

To explore.

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