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Barley's Frambwha?!

Style Guidelines: This wheat-heavy barley wine (wheat wine) is equal in strength to out Barley's Barleywine! We add only enough hops to keep them from being missed. One hundred and twenty six pounds of pure raspberries added during fermentation (that's almost 16 pounds per barrel!) make for a flavor and aroma that is unmistakable.

Rotation Schedule: Brewed at our downtown location, once we see how it is received, we will decide how often we brew it.

Food Pairings: Blue veined cheeses, marcona almonds, mussels, grilled lamb, duck, dark chocolate, light desserts

Body: Full
Color: Raspberry Bernet (raspbenet?)
Grain: British lager, pale and wheat
Bittering Hops: Argentina Cascade
Dry Hops: pure Oregon raspberries
Original Gravity: 1.100 before addition of fruit
Estimated IBUs: 12.57
Alcohol By Volume: 11.5%
First Tapped: June 1, 2008


About the Ale: What the heck is a wheat wine?

Wheat Wine is a relatively recent American development. Wheat Wine is a barley wine made with a high proportion, usually 50% or more, wheat malt. Similar to American barley wine, but with a grainy, bready flavor and a distinctive fluffy mouthfeel.

The term Barley Wine was coined by Bass in 1903 to describe its Bass No. 1 Ale. CAMRA claims that its origins were patriotic, since the English upper classes needed a beverage to replace French wine during England's many wars with France.

What's good for barley should also be good for wheat. At least that's the hypothesis of some American craft brewers.

American style wheat wines range from gold to deep amber and are brewed with 50% or more wheat malt. They have full body and high residual malty sweetness. Bitterness is moderate to low. Fruity-ester characters are often high and counterbalanced by complexity of alcohols and high alcohol content. Hop aroma and flavor are at low to medium levels. Bready, wheat and/or caramel aroma and flavor are often part of the character.

Some recent examples include New Holland Pilgrim's Dole; Bare Tree Weiss Wine by Two Brother Brewing; Old Sol Wheat Wine by Big Time Brewery in Seattle; and Batch 2000 Wheatmiser by Goose Island. A great cousin of the style is Dogfish Head's Fort, an 18% strong fruit beer, though not considered a wheat wine, due to predominant barley grain.

We believe Barley's is the first American brewery to brew a fruited wheat wine. When you sip one, consider yourself a part of American craft brewing history.

That's what the heck is a wheat wine. That silly punctuation at the end of our graphic? It's called an interrobang.

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