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Barley's Chupacabra

An Imperial Brown Ale aged on Madagascar vanilla beans and Cacao nibs

Style Guidelines: A beautiful deep brown, the dark malts compliment the organic cacao and the fresh Madagascar vanilla provides a pure vanilla flavor and silky mouthfeel. A healthy dose of pale malt makes this beer a full bodied deliciously drinkable Imperial Brown.

Rotation Schedule: First batch brewed April 2013

Food Pairings: Definitely goes well with chocolate and rich, sweet desserts. Can overpower some main courses. Stands up to filet mignon, foie gras, smoked meats, and grilled chupacabra. Long aged cheeses such as Gouda and cheddar also go well.

Body: Full
Color: Chocolate Brown
Blend: British pale, crystal, caramel, wheat, chocolate malt, black patent malt
Original Gravity: 1.080
Estimated IBUs: 50
Alcohol By Volume: 7.6%
First Tapped: April 2013


About the Ale: This is a collaboration beer with a local chocolatier, Dan Hankle of Finca Chocolate. Dan, a Logan, Ohio resident, also owns a small farm in Puerto Rico, "The Fernwood Finca". His farm is certified organic, he practices fair trade and sustainable farming.

Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern Caribbean, known for its beautiful countryside and beaches, among other things (read mythical beasts). It also has rich tropical jungles and mountain sides perfect for growing The Theobroma cacao tree.

Cacao residue has been found in pottery dating back to 1400 B.C.E. and is surrounded by rich history and mythology. Both Myans and Aztecs believed that the cacao bean had magical properties and used them in birth, marriage and death rituals.

Madagascar vanilla is technically an orchid native to Mexico. It can only be naturally pollinated by a specifically equipped bee found in Mexico, thus the only way to produce vanilla fruit outside of this bee's habitat is artificial pollination.This method was was discovered in 1841 by a 12 year old slave, and still used to this day.

Cacao and vanilla compliment each other in many deserts and we think they marry well with this recipe. Drink up! Enjoy! Watch out for Chupacabras!

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