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Barley's Beyond

Style Guidelines: This one breaks the rules, but if we'd call it anything, it would be Dark Belgian IPA

Rotation Schedule: First time brew.

Food Pairings: Many savory dishes, including rare roast beef and horseradish; wash=rind cheeses with some serious funk; dry rubbed barbecue; andouille sausage; smoked brisket; green shili

Body: Full
Color: Copper
Blend: An atrfully twisted blend of Blurry Bike IPA and Infinity Grand Cru
Original Gravity: 1.068
Estimated IBUs: 52
Alcohol By Volume: 8.4%
First Tapped: August 29, 2012, four days after the death of Neil Armstong and 15,747 days after he landed on the moon.

Ironically, Mr. Armstong was well over the age of 15 when performing this feat, and while he flew the VF-51 and a F9F-2B Panther in earlier days, we never flew a 747.


About the Ale: We've brewed a lot of beer at Barley's over the years. One thing we've never done before at our downtown location is a blended hybrid.

Now, some of you may think this is cheating. Why hybridize when we should be brewing? That's an interesting question.

Our response is that while we totally get off on brewing and the research that goes into brewing something new, sometimes something different occurs to us.

For example, at the Smokehouse, we were playing around a few years ago, and hybridized Robert Burns Scottish Export Ale and Centennial IPA at the tap. The reesult was such a good flavor profile that we decided to do the blend right in the serving tank.

Likewise, while Infinity Grand Cru was fermenting, we tasted it combined with Blurry Bike IPA. We liked the result so much, we decided we'd do a blend of the two even before we ever served one drop of Infinity!

We hope you enjoy the result as much as we do.

We thought Beyond was a fitting name for this hybridized monster. You know, Infinity and Beyond? After the passing of Neil Armstong, we felt the time was right to bring it out.

We came up with the tag line for this beer thus: Blurry Bike and Infinity are part of the equation and we inserted BEYOND between them. Fitting, for a turbocharged hybrid, eh? The resulting tagline...

It's a bit Blurry Beyond Infinity. True dat.

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