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Barley's Ulysses Imperial Red Ale

Rotation Schedule: St. Patrick’s Day

Food Pairings: Corned Beef is rich enough to stand up to this big flavorful brew. Lamb Stew or Braised Short Ribs would benefit from being cooked with and enjoyed with Ulysses. Aged Cheddar Mac and Cheese on a Lenten Friday with this beer would be a real treat. Creme brulee would also pair well.

Body: Full
Color: Amber
Grain: British Pale Malt, British Dark Crystal Malt, American Toasted Malt, American Caramel Malt and British Roasted Barley
Adjuncts: Raw Ohio Honey and Dark Brown Soft Candi Sugar
Bittering Hops: U.S. Millenium, U.K. Fuggle and U.K. E. Kent Golding
Finishing Hops: U.K. Fuggle and U.K. E. Kent Golding
Original Gravity: 1.096
Estimated IBUs: 55.74
Alcohol By Volume: 8.6%
First Tapped: March, 2015


About the Ale: We first brewed our Irish Rogue to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in 1993. It was a lighter bodied beer and the first beer that we aged with hop flowers. It was extremely well received, but back then there were only a couple other craft (we called them micro) breweries in Columbus. We decided it was time to give our Irish Ale a reboot, resulting in this Big Red called Ulysses. It’s fruity, toasty, with a hint of butterscotch and an abundance of warming alcohol that might be just what the doctor ordered when it seems like winter will never end. Oh, and NO GREEN DYE WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS BEER.

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