Barley's Tour de Hops Experimental IPA

Barley's Tour de Hops Experimental IPA

Rotation Schedule: Maybe Quarterly

Food Pairings: If you're an IPA fan, you know the drill. Spicy foods like Hot Chicken, curries & nachos will stand up to this hop bill. Try it with a platter of flavorful cheese and bold sausage. Tropical fruit compliments it nicely.

Body: Medium
Color: Hazy Gold
Grain: British Lager Malt and American Oats
Hops: Varies from batch to batch
Adjunct: Dextrose
Original Gravity: 1.089
Estimated IBUs: 84
Alcohol By Volume: 8.7%
First Tapped: January 20, 2017


About the Ale:
Our Experimental Double IPA will feature different hops in each iteration. It's a warming companion to Blurry Bike, our core IPA. Experimenting with hops helps keep the brewer's job interesting, we hope to keep our customer's curious palate interested,too. Varying combinations of citrus, pine, tropical fruit and spicy hop flavors are almost balanced by rich British malt, american oats and a not so sneaky sensation of peppery alcohol. Enjoy the Tour, but don't drink and ride

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