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Style Guidelines:: The butterscotch/caramel flavors of the Scottish are very nicely complimented by the peat smoke flavors of the Scotch whisky, and vanilla from the barrel. It's a complex beer, but isn't so challenging as to be difficult to drink. The silky mouthfeel actually makes it exceptionally easy to drink.

Rotation Schedule: TBD

Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%
First Tapped: November 12, 2016


About the Ale: Barley’s scotch barrel aged Scottish Ale was tapped for the first time on November 12, 2016 for our first Beer and Donuts tasting. It was paired with Chef Joe’s caramel and smoked almond donut, pork belly, and fried green tomato sandwich and blew everyone away. Our Brewmaster, Angelo Signorino Jr., has described the “Scotchy Scottish” (as we’re calling it) as having a silky mouthfeel, making it easy to drink. The butterscotch and caramel flavors of the Scottish Ale are complimented by the peat smoke flavors of the Scotch and the vanilla from the barrel.
Angelo came up with Scotchy Scottish when he was contacted by a cooperage company that was selling peated Scotch whiskey barrels. He has been aging beers in bourbon barrels for a decade and thought this would be a similar and interesting process. When asked how he did it, he said he went in blindly. He had never had a Scotch whiskey barrel aged beer before but remained hopeful and was extremely happy with the results.
Angelo started this beer the same way he does every other batch of Scottish Ale that has been brewed for the last 23 years, with over 80 pounds of pale British malts per barrel in the mash to give the beer a significant body and malty flavor. From there he turned on the brew kettle’s 500,000 BTU gas burner and got the bottom of the kettle blazing hot before sending about 10% of the super sugary first wort in to scorch. He caramelized the sugars to give the beer its signature caramel color and flavors. He maintains a relatively low hop rate to allow the malt to do most of the talking for the Scottish Ale. Once the beer was done fermenting, he transferred it into the two 50 gallon whiskey barrels for maturation. There is substantial whiskey in the wood, which gives the Scotchy Scottish 8% abv. It will a little less expensive than the Bourbon Meyer Buckeye Stout.
Angelo would like everyone to know that since things went so well with the Scotchy Scottish and he found appropriate space to age the beer, this opens up possibilities for expanding our barrel program and expanding production in general. This means more delicious, barrel-aged brews are coming your way!

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