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Barley's Fate - 25th Anniversary Ale

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Food Pairings: Cheeseboard featuring a creamy bleu or brie, rich charcuterie, sour cherry pie, flourless chocolate almond tort, maybe best enjoyed by itself next to a fireplace on a cold night.

Body: Full Bodied would be an understatement
Color: Burnt Umber
Grain: British and American Pale Malt, American Dark Caramel
Adjuncts: Belgian Dark Candi Sugar, Dextrose
Hops: American Columbus
Yield: WLP099 Super High Gravity Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.143
Estimated IBUs: Hahahahahahaha
Alcohol By Volume: 13.5%
Cooperage: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon Barrels
First Tapped: December 15, 2017 (A year to the day after it was brewed)


About the Ale:

The 12% cap on ABV was eliminated at the end of August 2016, so we started scheming. Our small brewery doesn't have the capacity to age a batch for the length of time it would take to give this strong beer the respect it deserves. We utilized real estate that we hadn't previously, by aging the beer in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels in our cellar arches under High St. Using award winning Auld Curiosity as a template, we brewed this beer with Dark Candi Sugar and dark caramel malt to contribute flavors of dark dried fruit. As Fate would have it, we found that we had an opportunity to move this beer from barrels to kegs on Barley's 25th anniversary. This boozy beast of a beer is a year old, and drinks like port wine. Fate is beckoning.

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