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Compassionate Dragon Gose

Food Pairings: Hot Honey Wings, Buffalo Cauliflower, Dragonfire Burger, Mediterranean Wrap, Shrimp and Grits, Banana Pudding

Body: Medium
Color: Fluorescent Pink
Yeast: German
Grain: German Pilsen and Wheat
Fruit: Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit
Hops: American Summit
Original Gravity: 1.036
Estimated IBUs: 8.25
Alcohol By Volume: 3.8%
First Tapped: June 12th, 2019


About the Ale:

In 2012, we first made a beer specifically for Origins Game Fair. We decided to go in a new direction for Origins this year. Ian, Barley's Wholesale Accounts Manager suggested a Fruited Gose. Jason, Barley's General Manager suggested dragon fruit as a fruit that would appeal to gamers. After acquiring a sample of dragon fruit, we thought that this beer could benefit from more complexity. The addition of passion fruit contributes an intense aroma, and some cultures even believe that when you partake of this fruit, you'll fall in love with the next person you see (Please don't fall in love with a dragon, though. It rarely ends well). Exceptional fruitiness, lightly tart, with a hint of sea salt and coriander, Compassionate Dragon will quench the thirst of the most fiery of dragons. It's got what dragons crave.

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