Barley's 26th Anniversary Christmas Ale Tapping

Barley's 26th Anniversary & Christmas Ale Tapping


While many people may complain about Christmas paraphernalia being unveiled far too early in the fall, when it comes to beer, all the complaints magically seem to disappear.

On November 2nd, Barley’s Brewing Company is celebrating their 26th anniversary. The event, which is open to the public and begins at 6:00pm, will be commemorated by the untapping of Barley’s Christmas Ale.

“It’s going to be a fantastic night,” said Jason Fabian, Barley’s General Manager. “We’re going to pack the house and have an amazing party.”

Additionally, a local Columbus celebrity will be on-hand to untap the holiday-themed beer. Everyone’s favorite Blue Jackets anthem singer, Leo (LEO!) Welsh will be the lucky man to begin the ceremony and get the beer flowing.

Attending partygoers will also receive a limited edition pint glass with their first purchase of said Christmas Ale (one per customer). And, for some added entertainment, Barley’s will be hosting a free live music event featuring Honey and Blue.

“Free music, free stuff, great beer, and LEO! What more could you want?” Jason added.


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