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Our hand crafted ales are delivered from our brewery directly to the bar just ten feet away. Do you want the born-on date in hours or minutes?

Bourbon Meyer Buckeye Stout
Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with chocolate and peanut butter.

Tour de Hops Batch #5 Powered by Four Seas (Cascade, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook)
Our Experimental Double IPA will feature different hops in each iteration. It's a warming companion to Blurry Bike, our core IPA. Experimenting with hops helps keep the brewer's job interesting, we hope to keep our customer's curious palate interested,too. Varying combinations of citrus, pine, tropical fruit and spicy hop flavors are almost balanced by rich British malt, american oats and a not so sneaky sensation of peppery alcohol. Enjoy the Tour, but don't drink and ride.

Barley's Blood Thirst Wheat ®
Winner of our 14th annual Homebrew Competition in 2009. Lloyd Cicetti's Wheat Beer with Blood Oranges is a citrusy and supremely refreshing with floral notes thanks to Sicillian blood orange zest added to the brew kettle and puree added during and after fermentation. This hefeweizen has hints of fruity esters and spice from Bavarian wheat yeast.

Barley's Citrajectory
This single hop, multi grain Farmhouse Ale is designed for summer drinking. Soft grain presence and a subdued hop bitterness are the background to juicy citrus fruit/hop flavor and a peppery spice from Belgian yeast.

Barley's Pilsner
A great introduction to craft brewed beer, since there is enough malt and hop flavor in our Pilsner to keep even the most sophisticated beer drinkers coming back for more.

Barley's Pale Ale
Pale ale was the first beer we brewed in our brewery and continues to be one of our flagship ales. Because of the rich color of British malt, it is not very pale, but the rich flavor matches the color beautifully.

Barley's Scottish Ale
When we first brewed this beer we didn't know what would happen when we turned our brew kettle on while it was empty, in order to scorch the malt. We liked the results so much that Scottish has been on tap ever since.

Barley's Blurry Bike IPA
Blurry Bike IPA may be the most refreshing IPA we brew. While we NEVER endorse drinking and pedaling, this beer won't slow you down. Much.

Saison Brut
Chris and Bob had just gotten some elusive Nelson Sauvin hops and decided to try them in a Saison. The beer went on to win our 21st Annual Homebrew Competition. Traditionally brewed to be consumed in the farming season, this beer is our official thirst quencher of June, 2017.

Infinity Grand Cru
Barley's Infinity Grand Cru is a wonderfully complex Belgian dark strong ale. Complex, with a rich malty sweetness, fruity esters and significant alcohol with moderate spiciness. The malt is rich and forward, with caramel and toast aroma. The esters give raisin, plum and dried cherry notes, with a subtle pepperiness.

This beautiful, deep copper colored ale has the toasty malt bill of an Oktoberfest, with the tropical fruitiness of an IPA brewed with an abundance of Australian Galaxy hops.

Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout
The first time we brewed the Russian we didn't think we'd get all the grain in the mash tun. Until Ohio liquor laws allowed us to exceed 6% alcohol by weight, this was as big as brewing workouts got here. The result is a roasty, fruity beer that you might be tempted to eat with a spoon.

Firkin Friday Ale

Cask fermented real ale brewed on premise and drawn from our beer engines. Need we say more?

Tour de Hops Batch #5 Powered by Four Seas (Cascade, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook)

Firkin Friday at Barley's
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Tour de Hops Batch #5 Powered by Four Seas (Cascade, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook)

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